Commport’s Integrated EDI Solution

Commport's Integrated EDI Solution

Commport’s Integrated EDI solution translates your inbound documents, like purchase orders, from your trading partners’ EDI files into a format that can be imported directly into your ERP, accounting or other business system.  When you’re ready to send out invoices, PO acknowledgments or other outbound documents, Commport takes the format exported from your system and translates it into the EDI formats required by your trading partners. Translation is fast and reliable – so you can focus on your business while Commport takes care of your EDI needs.

Our implementation specialists are experts and will guide you through the process and have you setup in no time. Integrated EDI | How it Works

Relies on paper & people to move documents from your EDI system to your business system


Risk of human error in the creation of Invoices, shipment details and other outbound documents


Duplication of efforts, such as creating invoices in your business system and again in your EDI system

Documents flow into and out of your business system without any human interaction.
Users need to learn the system as well as the EDI processes of all your customers Commport handles all of the ‘EDI’ work.
New orders are delayed until someone logs in to print it off and transfer it into your business system No delays between your customer sending an order and you receiving it.


Like a ‘Cloud EDI’ system, Commport’s Integrated EDI solution has no complicated or expensive software to install, and no need for you to be an EDI expert or create your own mappings.  The solution grows easily as your business grows and adding new customers is easy.

Stop ‘doing EDI’ and start reaping the benefits of an EDI system.


We integrate with all the common ERP and Accounting systems – OR even your ‘homegrown’ one!

Commport Integrated EDI Solution Integrates with Follwing List of ERP SolutoonsSage 300 ERP - Acomba - Adagio - AX - BDX Com 32 - BV32- Digiflex - Epicor - GEAC - Great Plains - JD Edwards (One World) - Magstar - Meditech - Oracle - Ormedx / Virtuo - PeopleSoft - QHR - SAP - SYSPRO - Tecsys Elite - Tomax… and more 

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*1 trading partner, 1 transaction type.  Offer available with a 3 year contract.  Offer does not include transactional charges.