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GDSN is a constantly evolving world with new advancements arising. Commport received its GDSN certification by GS1 in 2005 as part of the first group of providers to be certified in this program. Commport is an active participant in GS1 initiatives to ensure we are always up to date with the latest information and innovation. From our glossary to our downloads, we have what you need to succeed.

GDSN Information

Commport is pleased to share these convenient links so that you can learn more about the Global Data Synchronization Network

GDSN Attributes

Commport is pleased to share these convenient links so that you can learn more about the Global Data Synchronization Network

GDSN 101

Download GDSN 101 free presentation. It includes definitions, terminology and a step by step into how the GDSN works.

WalMart FAQs

Replacing Form 33 is Walmart’s new item form that suppliers must use to submit new item information and changes to their buyer

GDSN Guides

Complete Guide to GDSN

In this GDSN guide explore the benefits of Global Data Synchronization Network for your business, discover industry-specific GDSN programs or learn more about how GDSN benefits both retailers and suppliers.

In 2005, the UCC and EAN International merged to form GS1, a non-profit organization that is now responsible for managing the GDSN. GS1 has since developed and expanded the GDSN to support data synchronization in various industries, including healthcare, food service, and consumer packaged goods.

GDSN Contracts

GS1 GDSN Terms of Participation – Non US


GS1 GDSN Certification Criteria Document

To protect the integrity of the GS1 GDSN through comprehensive
interoperability testing and Data Pool Certification

Industry Presentation

Data Quality Protocol and Data Synchronization

Data accuracy is the responsibility of both manufacturers and retailers. Data quality activity will track with data sync activity

Data Accuracy Task Force Update

Good quality data is foundational to collaborative commerce and global data synchronization. Good quality data means that all master data is complete, consistent, accurate, time-stamped and industry standards-based.

GDSN Blogs

What is GDSN?

GDSN stands for Global Data Synchronization Network. It is a system of connected firms that share product information in a standardized format

How the GDSN Works?

GDSN provides a single standardized methodology to govern the exchange of product information between buyers and suppliers.

GDSN Implementation

4 step process to get started with GDSN. Here are a few tips on selecting a GDSN certified data pool provider and become GDSN-compliant.

GDSN Datapool in 6 Easy Steps

Become GDSN compliant with your trading partner by follwing these 6 easy steps. Download the free infographic.

Provinces Support the GDSN

Message from Commport Communications regarding free resources they’re offering for MEDEC Members.

Board of Directors Meeting

GDSN Data Excellence Board of Directors meeting in Brussels, Belgium which was part of the GS1 2018 Global Forum.

GDSN Solutions

Commport Datapool Services

We are a GDSN certified Datapool since 2005 and active member of the Data Excellence (GDSN) Board of Directors and community efforts.

Commport Datapool Services for Buyers

Commport Datapool offers unique features to enable retailers to manage their data synchronization initiative with full GDSN access.

Commport Datapool Services for Suppliers

Commport Datapool offers unique features to enable suppliers to easily onboard, manage and synchronize their item data with their customers.