Commport Datapool GDSN Major Release (MR3 / MjR3) solution.

“Thank you for making the GS1 Mjr3 changes seamless to me as a Commport subscriber! I had been notified by Kroger that due to the changes, it may be necessary to validate items again in Kroger’s VIP system, but post cutover, I did not have any action items. I was advised by Commport that the system changes would have no impact on subscriber members, and was very pleased to find this to be the case.

Thank you for your efforts to make this transition transparent to your customers!” – Current Commport Datapool Customer 

Since the very first certification event held by GS1 in 2005, Commport has been providing certified GDSN Datapool to retailers and healthcare providers around the globe.  The new GDSN Major release (MR3/ MjR3) consists of non- backwards compatible changes to the standard; meaning all participants within the GDSN are affected. Commport’s Datapool customers however will only see small but positive changes that will make publishing and managing data faster and easier than ever!

Our main goal for MR3 / MjR3 is to minimize the effect on our customers. That’s why we take the responsibility for handling all data migration to the new standard. Providing an updated upload template which will be equipped with data already populated, and only some minor changes to the Commport Datapool site means we have made this event more of a minor speedbump.

The major release (MR3 / MjR3) will come into effect May 2016 and includes 300 new attributes, new XML communication protocols, 250+ new validation rules and much more.

Commport successfully completed GS1 certification in July 2015 and is ready to implement the changes.

We are ready for MR3 / MjR3 and as an extension you are too!

MR3/ MjR3 will further improve product information sharing and data synchronization, leverage more trusted data, provide richer product information, adapt to regulatory requirements, support industry-specific functionality and improve data quality.

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If you have any questions, please contact Brian Miles at 905-727-6782 or via email