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The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) provides a single standardized methodology to govern the exchange of product information between buyers and suppliers, for consistency in local markets and internationally.

Whenever a supplier changes product data, it is automatically updated and sent to all buyers who subscribe to a given data pool. Buyers can belong to any of 44 certified data pools, active in 245 countries and territories, and this GDSN registration allows them to receive updated product information automatically as changes happen. This is what is meant by synchronization.

Your data pool will enable you to set up your product content and synchronize it with all your trading partners, so you can plug in reliable data for all markets at one time.

Commport’s Datapool Solution provides businesses with a complete range of GDSN data pool options. In addition to the datapool itself, our experienced team will help determine the best solutions for your immediate business needs while laying a foundation for future growth.

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