EDI via FTP - Setup and Testing


FTP stands for file transfer protocol, it is the most widely used communication protocol even today enabling connectivity via a TCP/IP network, such as the internet, to transfer files between two parties.

FTP uses a client-server model which is secured through user credentials for authentication.

Trading Partner Direct Connections                                    

Rely on Commport for all your communications requirements!

Your varied trading partners may require the use of an array of communications options; FTP, AS2, SFTP, VAN. Partnering with Commport enables you to focus on your business, leaving the technical communications to experts in that field: Commport.

Commport can establish a single connection between you and the Commport Network and then Commport can manage all connectivity with your partners.

This enables you to rely on one proven connection while also responding to and supporting your trading partners’ various requirements.

Features and Benefits of Hosted FTP with Commport

  1. Easily set-up a restricted shared folder directory for each business partner and client. Keep EDI data visible only to the correct parties and manage upload and download permissions.
  2. Manage notifications when a business partner/client sends or receives EDI documents. Also, provide your user with notifications when files are transferred
  3. Receive daily audit logs for EDI transfers and login activity for every user.
  4. Our files are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption in transit, on arrival, and at rest.
  5. World-class multilingual customer support via phone, live chat, and email

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Commport FTP 

Commport offers an FTP client software, Commport FTP, for the purposes of performing FTP communications with the Commport network.

Advantages of Using FTP

  • Easy to setup
  • Ability to transfer any data amount
  • Low costs
  • Variety of low-cost client software options available

Commport offers a variety of flexible pricing options

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