EDI Development - Professional Services

EDI Development - Professional Services

Don’t know where to start with EDI? Engage with Professional Services from Commport to help you get started.

As a part of professional services from Commport, you can gain access to EDI technical resources to help guide you on your EDI journey.

Some of the types of activities that Commport’s professional services are available today include the development of EDI specifications, validation of EDI processing, uncovering or designing your business process, and documenting and providing the detailed, technical integration steps.

Many EDI users find that good strong EDI specifications are an important starting point for a successful EDI program

EDI Specification Development – Professional Service

Do you have your EDI specifications ready for all the documents you will expect to send and/or receive from your Trading Partners? If not, consider purchasing our Specification Creation services as it will simplify new trading partner EDI onboarding, therefore reducing your operational costs.

Having Commport create your EDI specifications will save you money and make setting up trade with a new customer quick and easy!

Step 1: Commport will work with you to determine your specific business needs and what documents you need to create specifications.

Step 2: We create a word document in X12 layout following EDI standards in the version you specify

Step 3: You receive a complete document specification for each document you send and receive


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Why choose Commport, as your EDI partner?


One thing that separates Commport from other EDI providers is experience. We have been providing EDI services to our clients since 1985 and we are recognized as one of the leaders in the EDI industry, supported and trusted by 1000’s trading partners around the globe.

Every onboarding is different, and the requirements change from one trading partner to another, it’s important to provide a personalized approach to each partner which in turn establishes the connection, increases supply chain partnership, and supports business growth. The Commport team routinely delivers on this level of support. Consider how easy is it to add new trading partners to the system? What does that process look like?

Some of the other important things to keep in mind when choosing an EDI provider include the customer support, the connectivity options and the pricing plan being offered.

Commport offers flexible pricing options for all our services, contact us today to get a free quote!.