Data Synchronization using the GDSN

Replacing Form 33 for Walmart FAQs

Data Synchronization Using GDSN - Form 33 for Walmart

Q: How does this change impact my business?

A: As a current or prospective Walmart supplier, Form 33 is currently required for all new product submissions. Walmart is phasing out the usage of Form 33 for new products and maintenance and moving to data synchronization using the GDSN. This means in order to have products listed at Walmart, the information must be provided to them using a GDSN certified datapool.

Q: What is Form 33?

A: Form 33 is Walmart’s new item form that suppliers must use to submit new item information and changes to their Walmart buyer. For more information about becoming a Walmart supplier go to:

Q: What is Data Synchronization? 

A: Data Synchronization is the process of collaborating with trading partners by sharing the same standardized catalogue information for use in their supply chain. Catalogue information includes location information (ship to locations, corporate headquarters etc.) as well as product information (Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), dimensions, descriptions, brand etc). In addition, data synchronization provides a framework to automatically communicate and update the information with all affected parties as changes are made. Data Synchronization enables Walmart to obtain all of the necessary product data it requires to trade with your company via electronic communication, through your GDSN certified data pool.

Q: What is the GDSN?

A: The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) is a standards-based, interoperable network built around the GS1 Global Registry®, GDSN certified data pools, the GS1 Data Quality Framework and GS1 Global Product Classification. This system provides a powerful global environment for secure and continuous synchronization of accurate product and location data. By leveraging this framework trading partners are able to share and use the same, accurate information in their supply chain related functions and systems.

Q: What is a GDSN- certified Data Pool?

A: A GDSN certified data pool is a service provider that provides customers with data synchronization services and act as a gateway to the GDSN. Data pools are certified against and to demonstrate their compliance with the GS1 System Standards for data synchronization. Through your data pool, your product data is sent to trading partners you authorize to receive your data, such as Walmart. The GDSN-certified data pools around the world have the ability to exchange data with each other (interoperate) and ensure that your data is totally secure within the GDSN.

Q: What is the Value Proposition of the GDSN?

A: With GDSN, trading partners always have the latest information in their systems, and any changes made to one company’s data are automatically and immediately provided to all of the other companies who do business with them. This is the case not only Walmart but data updates are also sent to any other retail customers who are using the GDSN. When a supplier and a customer know they are using the same accurate and up-to-date data, it is smoother, quicker and less expensive for them to do business together. The GDSN provides a single point of truth for product information. Because of the standardized and automated architecture of the network trading partners may belong to any GDSN-certified data pool in order to do data synchronization. This means that you are not forced to use one data pool over another simply because your retail customer has chosen a particular provider. For more information about all of the GDSN-certified data pools click here.

Q: What is Commport Datapool?

A: Commport Datapool is a GDSN-certified data pool provided by Commport Communications that can help you populate your GDSN product data and then, with your authorization, transmit your product data to Walmart or other GDSN retailers around the world. For more information visit here.

Q: Why should I Use Commport Datapool?

A: Commport Datapool can work with you to quickly provide both data synchronization services as well as all the assistance needed in loading and managing your data content – from one provider. Commport Datapool has built user friendly interfaces that can meet your company’s data and technology capabilities, whether you are a global corporation or a small town supplier.

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