GDSN Datapool

Global Data Synchronization

Retailers are increasingly requiring suppliers to “synchronize” their product data through the Global Data Synchronization Network. In the past, suppliers have provided product information through a variety of inefficient communication channels and manual processes, including paper catalogues, retailer-specific forms, online portals, price sheets and standing offers. This is a significant management burden on suppliers as these manual processes often exist outside of computer systems, so it is difficult to keep information updated as changes occur over the product life cycle.

As a result, retailers were often faced with out of date and inaccurate product information in their stores and warehouses. Not having the information they need, when they need it, can directly correlate to lost sales for the retailer, and subsequently lost contracts for the supplier.

Global Data Synchronization Network to the rescue The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) has been created to address exactly these challenges for suppliers and retailers. It provides a single standardized methodology to govern the exchange of product information between buyers and suppliers, for consistency in local markets and internationally. Whenever a supplier changes product data, it is automatically updated and sent to all buyers who subscribe that item through a chosen data pool.

Buyers and sellers can belong to any of 27 available worldwide Certified Data Pools, and this GDSN registration allows them to exchange updated product information automatically as changes happen. This is what is meant by synchronization.

We are a GDSN Certified Datapool

Global Healthcare and more recently Canadian Healthcare is demanding that Healthcare Providers item masters be kept currently using the GDSN.  CommCARE and Commport should be your choice for a partner to facilitate exchange of clean accurate and timely product data through the Global Data Synchronization Network.

Commport is a GDSN certified data pool.  The Commport Datapool, is both a supply and a demand side data pool that offers customized tools to enable each partner to manage their data synchronization initiatives.

In addition to saving time and money, suppliers can also build stronger trading partner relationships as GDSN provides the following benefits:

  • Quicker and easier to introduce new products into the data pool and communicate this information to multiple trading partners
  • Easier to add or change catalogue items or their prices leading to shorter lead times for product promotions
  • Recalls details are delivered immediately
  • Reduction in the number of invoice disputes and inaccurate orders
  • Improved logistics handling with accurate product specifications and efficient order sizing

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For a more detailed explanation of how the GDSN works you can download GDSN 101 here GDSN_101

Commport was one of the first GDSN providers to be certified in the original GDSN certification event by the GS1 in 2005. Let us put our experience to work for you.