EDI Solutions

Electronic Data Interchange

EDI or ‘Electronic Data Interchange’ is defined as the electronic communication process for exchanging data amongst trading partners without human intervention.

Now, we know it’s not always that easy to understand…so we are here to help you! Simply put, EDI provides a technical basis for commercial “conversations” between two entities, either internal or external. EDI constitutes the entire electronic data interchange paradigm, including the transmission, message flow, document format, and software used to interpret documents.

EDI is heavily driven by EDI standards which describe the rigorous format and structure of electronic documents being exchanged.

Organizations that send or receive documents between each other are referred to as “trading partners” in EDI terminology.

CommCARE EDI Solutions

CommCARE through Commport offers a number of EDI solutions to help you embrace EDI within your organization. The following is a list of our solutions/products

  • Integrated EDI  is a tool that integrates your internal business systems such as accounting and ERP software.
  • Internet EDI empowers you to begin exchanging EDI with your trading partners today… all you need is an internet connection!
  • Commport Service Bureau is a service where WE will manage your EDI needs for you. With 25+ years in the business, we are more than happy and qualified to manage all aspects of your EDI relationships (trading partners/retail partners, etc.).

EDI Tools – exclusive to Commport Communications

Universal to all our services, Commport offers Commport Monitor and Commport Portal for visibility and tracking that will let you access and view your EDI transactions anywhere, anytime!

Which solution is best for you? Still not sure where to start? We can help you with that too!