Commport Introduces Canadian Healthcare to the GDSN

Test Drive the GDSN Today!

Canada’s healthcare providers utilize products and devices from around the world, and securing and keeping product data up to date is a daunting challenge and costly undertaking. However, all of this can be easily eliminated without patient risk by taking advantage of the Global Data Synchronization Network a collection of 29 certified data pools around the world, into which manufacturers enter their product data once for secure certified delivery to multiple customers in any country.

The GDSN currently has over 11 million unique GTINs registered and available for recipients around the world, with over 500,000 of them healthcare specific.   In order for one to grasp the power, improved efficiencies and ease of use that this global registry offers one must have the opportunity to do more than see slides in a presentation.

Therefore, effective immediately Commport is making access to the GDSN through the Commport Datapool, Canada’s oldest continually certified datapool, available to Healthcare providers for a 30 day test drive at no cost. All that is required is for the Healthcare Providers to sign the temporary agreement that includes the mandatory GDSN Trading Partner Agreement, and they will be able to have product data – from medical devices to MRO products – published to them for their review.

The Provider can then use this review to eliminate any confusion about the GDSN and any non-certified product databases or registries.

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