About Us

EDI, VAN and GDSN Solutions For Healthcare

When Commport Communications International inc. entered the Canadian Healthcare community in 2012 through the acquisition of the Telus EDI business line, including the Carenet EDI activity between Healthcare Providers and their suppliers. We brought over 25 years of EDI experience earned from the more traditional retailer/distributor marketplaces.

We discovered that Healthcare community had been abusively under served by the legacy service providers with the result that Canadian Healthcare was being forced to absorb costs in the supply chain which would never be allowed in the retailer world.  Through the development of the greatly upgraded CommCARE suite of services designed for the Healthcare supply chain, Commport aims help Healthcare Providers and their Vendors to eliminate these costs.

Comprehensive Electronic Data Interchange Services

Established in 1985 as a provider of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) provider in an era when most enterprises were just learning how to spell EDI, Commport was established as a leader in the Canadian industry.

Quickly growing both in customer count and diversity of EDI services, Commport soon achieved status as a Tier 1 VAN, which put us in the exclusive grouping of International VANs with interconnect agreements with the other 7 Tier 1 Vans.  Today most Tier 1 VANs have ‘consolidated themselves out of existence, which has given room to the creation of many lower and non-tier VANs such that Commport now has inter-connects with 75+/- VANs of various sizes.