The New GDSN Major Release Provides Trading Partners Ability to Better Manage Included Attributes

In May of 2016 it is planned that GS1 Global will roll out the latest version of the GDSN communications protocol and data set by moving to the application of the major update with the acronym MR3.

The GDSN Community as a whole determined that the list of attributes associated with even the most basic of products had grown to be almost unmanageable by both data providers and data recipients. MR3 now provides for a very short list of mandatory core attributes but allows for individual trading partners to set the exact list of attributes that they will use and exchange.  As one head of a major Canadian Healthcare Provider group stated in a presentation to industry, “Why do I want to receive hundreds of attributes when I can only handle fewer than 20 in my ERP application?” MR3 now addresses this very issue.

The GDSN certified data pools around the globe have adjusted their interchange protocols in order to handle this new, very flexible but highly accurate method of ensuring that trading partners are exchanging exactly what they need and only what they need.

Commport has been MR3 ready for several months. see more on this here