Transform Your Supply Chain

with Improved Procurement

Supply chain expenses rank as one of the largest cost in the budget for Healthcare Providers which is directing Providers to look for solutions to control costs without sacrificing quality of care.

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Canadian Healthcare to the GDSN

Test Drive the GDSN Today!

CommCARE introduced the ability to test drive the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), the global standard for clean, accurate and current product data, with no obligation.  

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Medical Device Manufacturers have an Option for FDA GUDID

Commport Aligns With Reed Tech

The alliance between Commport and Reed Tech can help device manufacturers leverage product data previously captured through either the GDSN or the GUDID submission process to simultaneously comply with regulatory mandates and compete in the global marketplace.

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CommCARE Intelligence

The Dashboards You Have Been Waiting To See

We are seeing a shift from transactional competency to strategic excellence for a value focused supply chain. In many healthcare organizations, purchasing and procurement represents the 2nd largest expense and is often manual, paper based or managed through legacy systems. CommCARE Intelligence allows you to leverage visual supply chain and organizational spend data, giving decision makers powerful intelligence to make better strategic decisions.

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    Helping the healthcare community modernize its supply chain with, cloud based enterprise eProcurement purchasing, contract compliance and spend management tools.

    CommCARE is built on Commport’s 25 years of experience helping organizations from all industries improve their business by adopting global supply chain standards and technologies. Investing in the supply chain benefits all users and patients by lowering costs, making jobs easier and improving the patient care experience.  

    Value Added Network

    Transmit and exchange business documents seamlessly over Commport’s Value Added Network

    CommCARE Compliance

    Requisitions flow through the contract repository to enforce price and contract compliance

    CommCARE Intelligence

    Analytics, spend dashboards, performance metrics, exceptions and custom reports

    CommCARE Procurement

    Familiar eCommerce experience to drive requisitions from an integrated marketplace for medical staff

    Global Data Synchronization Network

    GS1 GDSN global supply chain and FDA medical device standards to ensure clean and accurate product data

    Electronic Data Interchange

    Integrated and Internet solutions to manage your business efficiently and effectively

    CommCARE Community

    Access to 700+ EDI capable suppliers, business system integrations and EDI community enablement


    The CommCARE Suite of Services provides Healthcare Providers and to some extent their Vendors with tools to help create a digitized supply chain focused on value based procurement.  By taking advantage of these services eliminate errors and paper-based and faxed transactions within the supply chain Providers will see savings of many 10’s of millions of dollars annually.  Designed to provide all the tools in a single web site, the CommCARE Portal is the Providers gateway to savings.

    You can count on us to:

    • Help you build your supply chain partnership community
    • Provide highly efficient, reliable, and secure document exchange
    • Help you migrate your order processing documents away from FAX
    • Provide Business Intelligence tools needed in value based procurement
    • Partner with you to ensure the best solution for every need

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    David Ralph elected to the Board of Directors of GS1 Data Excellence Inc.

    David Ralph, President and CEO of Commport Communications International, inc. with more than 30 year experience in the business to business ecommerce and data integration services business, has been e...

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    The New GDSN Major Release Provides Trading Partners Ability to Better Manage Included Attributes

    In May of 2016 it is planned that GS1 Global will roll out the latest version of the GDSN communications protocol and data set by moving to the application of the major update with the acronym MR3. ...

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    Quebec’s Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) Launches GDSN Initiative

    As the entire Canadian Healthcare community moves towards a completely digital supply chain, supported by the use of the GS1 GDSN for clean, accurate and timely data, Quebec joins the movement by requ...

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