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Are there gaps in your supplier community that are getting in the way of you seeing savings in and getting better value out of your supply chain?

Building closer relationships and facilitating transactions with all the suppliers that help keep your organization operating smoothly is essential to a value based procurement experience.

CommCARE Community is a network of over 100 hospitals and almost 1,000 suppliers, where as a Healthcare Provider you can view your current connections and identify opportunities to make new electronic trading connections. Through the community portal you can browse through all the suppliers, request the addition of new connections automatically and view transaction types supported by these vendors.

Our goal is to facilitate the development of a 100% digitized community by making it easy to increase the use of EDI transactions between the hospitals we serve and all suppliers regardless of supplier size or capability.

For suppliers, the CommCARE Community Portal provides access to insight into new customers EDI capabilities.

Building Your Community

View Your Supplier Connections

Now you can see all the suppliers you transact with across the CommCARE supplier network and opportunities to add additional supplier connections with vendors you do not already do business with electronically.  By viewing connection you can see the connection status to each supplier, document types transacted, number of documents transacted and a list of document types the supplier can support.

CommCARE Community

Add New EDI Connections

Through the CommCARE Community portal there is no need to call or email anyone to start the process of setting up an electronic trading connection with any vendor in the community.  CommCARE Support will complete the connection between you and your new vendor for you.

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