GDSN Initiative Overview


Castle Building Centre Group has made the decision to leverage the GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network), which is supported by other industry competitors in Canada, as the source for receiving all product data and digital content from all supply chain partners. Castle's GDSN supply chain initiative will simplify the exchange of supplier product information by leveraging the GDSN data synchronization model.

The GDSN uses standardized data attributes and communication choreography that enables Castle to receive clean, current and complete product content from ALL  suppliers through a single network. The GDSN Network employs a data synchronization model, so as suppliers change, add or delete an item, the change is automatically received within 24 hours, keeping both parties on the same page. 

It is our direction that the GDSN initiative will eventually supersede all past requests for product information used to populate other Castle platforms, reducing efforts while elevating relationships.

Read more in the letter from Castle under 'Key Documents for Download'.

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Castle Project Executive:

James Jones | Vice President, Marketing 


GDSN Project Executive:

Brian Miles | VP, Strategy & Business Development 

905-727-6782 |

GDSN Support:

Commport Datapool Support 

905-727-6782 |