Bartell Drugs partnered with Commport as a EDI service provider

Bartell Drugs


Bartell Drugs is constantly striving to optimize and improve our business operations. To that end, we have recently invested in a new warehouse to support our growing network of stores. As we move into 2019 one of our critical steps is to increase the utilization of EDI between Bartell Drugs and our vendors and have launched a vendor EDI onboarding initiative.

To support this, we have partnered with Commport, our long-time EDI services provider, to manage this very important initiative. Commport will be reaching out and coordinating your EDI enablement with Bartell Drugs on our behalf.

Our EDI initiative includes working with the following documents in EDI version 4010.

Bartell Drugs Information

Key Documents for Download

EDI Details for Bartell Drugs

  • ISA: 2067671376
  • Qualifier: 12
  • GS ID: 2067671376
  • VAN: Commport

Vendor Form

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Bartell Drugs

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Bartell Drugs partnered with Commport as a EDI service provider

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