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Providing EDI services to Home Hardware and their supplier community for the past 14 years, Commport has come to see just how in touch Home Hardware changes is with their community-focused, members-first attitude.

Over the last number of months, we have been working with Home Hardware to onboard many suppliers to become EDI compliant. Their goal is to “tighten and strengthen the relationship between Home Hardware and their vendor base".

Published by Hardlines (www.hardlines.ca), titled “Home Hardware CEO seeks change while preserving a distinct culture”,  highlights changes that are being made by the new Home Hardware CEO, Kevin Macnab.

New rules are being put in place to tighten and strengthen, the relationship between Home Hardware and its vendor base. Much of this new reality was laid out during the company’s latest dealer market, held last month. Under President and CEO Kevin Macnab, the changes planned for the company aren’t restricted to vendors. Home Hardware is also looking to strengthen its connection with its dealers, ensuring they all conform to the metrics that define the Home Hardware brand. But change will have to stay true to the strong corporate culture of the 55-year-old company.

It's been a pleasure working closely with Home Hardware and their supplier community making their business processes more efficient. We welcome the opportunity to continue to work with Home Hardware in the future to reach its goals.

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Author: Deanna Fiedler

Marketing Coordinator | Commport