Commport Attends MEDEC MedTech Conference


Commport attended MEDEC MEDTech 2019 Conference on April 3rd. Although not as well attended as some have been in the past, the topics and presentations were well done and extremely relevant.  Many of the presentations were formatted using highly interactive panelists in a relaxed atmosphere.  The focus for the most part was on Innovation in Healthcare and involved Patient Outcomes as part of the discussion.  In a few panel discussions, actual patients were on stage and involved.

The highlight of Day One of the Conference was the final speaker of the day, Mr. Stan Cho, Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board of Ontario.  Mr. Cho spoke about the “New Entity” plans for Healthcare and what exactly that means.  He made clear reference to the Export Panel Report and how that report illustrates that savings of $500 million can be achieved with very little turmoil in the market.  The New Entity plans, as he presented, are to follow the recommendations of that report. 

Mr. Cho presented a cost-saving example using rubber gloves.  Rubber gloves are an item procured by the healthcare market in large numbers, but at varying prices depending on the hospital’s contract with the supplier.  By having a single entity procure rubber gloves for all hospitals, there would be a single contract price for those gloves, with potential cost savings of an additional $500 million with minimal effort.

Commport, of course, supports this undertaking and is highly supportive of the single entity concept after seeing how well our project in British Columbia is going.

MEDEC is the national association representing the medical technology industry in Canada. Our members are committed to providing safe and innovative medical technologies that enhance the quality of patient care, improve patient access to health care, and help enable the sustainability of our publicly-funded health care system. We are committed to supporting the growth of a strong and vibrant medical technology industry that contributes to Canada’s innovation economy. 

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Author: Deanna Fiedler

Marketing Coordinator | Commport