The Security of EDI Data 

Since 1975, corporations of all sizes have put their trust into Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to exchange commercial transactions with their trading partner community, and since 1984, they have relied and put their trust into Value Added Networks (VANs) to move these transactions in a Store & Forward model for data handling.

Commport entered the EDI Services industry and became a VAN in 1985, and built a reputation for service and customer support based upon adding to and justifying this trust.

A 'Value-Added Network (VAN)' is defined as a private network provider hired by a company to facilitate electronic data interchange (EDI) and/or provide other network services such as message encryption, message translation, and management reporting. 

The Security of EDI Data

When a company hires or contracts with a VAN, that company trusts that their data will be safe from loss and kept confidential between them and the trading partner, and that the VAN will manage this delivery request and any returned transactions.  The ability to maintain the trust of the VAN or VANs involved depends upon the security of these deliveries – they went where they were supposed to go and nowhere else.

For almost one year now (all of 2017), Commport has been receiving misrouted EDI transactions from Global Health Exchange (GHX) who seem incapable of or unwilling to correct this very serious issue. In the retail world, such transgressions would not be tolerated and the perpetrator would suffer financially as confidential information between competitors could be involved. 

That is why all internal processes involved in handling Customer data have been developed to ensure at every step that the data is correctly formatted, correctly routed and correctly delivered to destination.  If an issue is found, the application involved immediately alerts Support and the issue is addressed within minutes.  For over 30 years, Commport has ensured that retailers and their vendors or customers get the correct data.

However, the traffic involved is Healthcare related which means not just money but patient safety is involved, and that is serious business.  In one three month period, traffic from one manufacturer experienced a 60% misroute issue with EDI destined for one hospital misrouted to another.  The costs to find and correct this issue at the hospital, at Commport and at the manufacturer are significant, but just as importantly the trust is beginning to wane for the trading partners involved.  Patient safety becomes the major concern.

In general, it is not nice to hang a competitor’s dirty laundry out for all to see, but we repeat, Patient safety is a major concern. To learn more on how  Commport can protect your EDI, visit here.

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