Customer Satisfaction – 2017 Survey Results

2017 Survey Results Infographic

We’re Proud of the Results from our Customer Satisfaction Surveys!

Commport takes customer satisfaction seriously.  We know that our clients expect our EDI, VAN, and GDSN services to work flawlessly.  A high degree of customer satisfaction indicates that we’re doing our job.  Supporting our clients so that they can focus on their business and their customers.  That’s why we ask our clients after every implementation and every ticket, “How did we do?”  We’ve compiled the results from the survey responses we received last year and we’re proud to share the results!

What did our client say?

  • Every client that responded said they were satisfied or very satisfied with Commport’s services overall. 
  • 91% where very satisfied with Commport’s resolution of their support issues. 
  • Overwhelmingly our clients described our service as Professional, Friendly, Fast, Knowledgeable and Polite.  
  • 55% said their issue or implementation was taken care of in a shorter time period than they expected


Thanks to our amazing customer support staff

These positive responses, and the exceptional service Commport provides, is due in no small part to the absolutely amazing customer support representatives and implementation specialists that make up our team.  Commport is proud of our knowledgeable and dedicated staff.  We  strive to provide them with the support they need from all teams internally so that they can act as a champion for the customer.

Always Improving

While the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, there were certainly some areas where Commport can improve.  We’re always working on making our services even better by addressing these areas.

Thank you!

We want to say a big thank you to all of our clients that took the time to provide us with their feedback! 


Author: Meagan Ralph

Meagan Ralph is a fervent believer in the ability of B2B ecommerce solutions to deliver value to companies of all sizes in all parts of the supply chain. She is a collaborative leader, highly focused on client experience and delivering value. Meagan spent summers through high school and university doing EDI data entry and customer support before starting her professional career at Commport in 2005. Meagan has an undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontario, and a Master of Business Administration from York University.