Updates from the GS1 Global Healthcare Conference – Chicago #5

GS1 Global Healthcare Conference – Chicago

GS1 Global Healthcare Conference in Chicago, continued…

GS1 Global Healthcare Conference Day 5: There is a large and growing industry globally in the manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, countries and healthcare organizations need to be able to track and trace each drug and dose within their domains to ensure the patent receives the proper drug and dose and that the actual drug being administered is not past it’s expiry date AND was not subject to a drug recall. To accomplish this type of tracking there are a number of GS1 Global bar code standards that can be used to track the GTIN, expiration date, lot/batch number and serialization which assigns a unique number to each dose. Brazil has adopted these GS1 Global bar code standards and uses what is known as a DataMatrix or 2D bar code (which is square but not the same as a QR code used on consumer packaging). Brazil has a central government registry that tracks all clinical pharmaceuticals to ensure the drugs being administered are not counterfeit and to facilitate proper tracking and tracing for the accurate administration of each dose. Ms. Bianca Zimon Giacomini Ribeiro, Deputy Chief Adviser for International Affairs, National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance (Anvisa), Brazil, presented an overview of how their administration tracks these drugs to ensure proper application and to ensure the drugs are not counterfeit.

GS1 Global Healthcare Conference Day 4 Updates

Click on the link to view her presentation: httpss://healthcare-event.gs1.org/sites/default/files/7_-_pharmaceutical_traceability_in_brazil_-_zimon.pdf