Updates from the GS1 Global Healthcare Conference – Chicago #3

GS1 Global Healthcare Conference – Chicago

GS1 Global Healthcare Conference Chicago Day 3: There were 2 very compelling presentations from Wilfried Winzer, Director, University Hospital, Dresden, Germany and Kevin Downs, Director Finance and Keith Jones, Clinical Director of Surgery, from Derby Teaching Hospital, NHS, UK, that showcased leading-edge applications of GS1 Global standards, the usage of the GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) to obtain clean synchronized brand owner product data and the use of advanced supply chain practices which together gave 2 similar, but unique real world pictures, of what healthcare can look like from supplier to use in hospitals and from patient admission to discharge. All these technologies exist today, many have for years now, and for Canada to improve our global healthcare ranking we need to follow their lead.


Some of the key highlights of the presentation:


Clear identification of medical products is a complex challenge for doctors and logistics

Medical products are more and more specialized on smaller therapeutic fields due to new, innovative developments

Example: STENTS

2006: 148 different stents were bought from 15 suppliers

2017: 749 different stents are bought from 31 suppliers

University hospital and industry


Logistical efforts for optimal patient care with innovative medical products increased over the last years and will continue increasing

Counteractive measures

Reduction of efforts by using modern, electronically supported processes in procurement, distribution, storage, use, and documentation of medical products

Goals of EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR)

Transparency and reasonable access to information by using basic-UDI-DI/UDI-DI/UDI in:

  1. Product marking (direct marking)
  2. Technical documentation
  3. Certificate and declaration of conformity
  4. Brief report on security and clinical performance
  5. Implant identification document and patient information
  6. Downstream market reports (vigilance reports, PMCF, PSUR, Trend reports)
  7. Field Safety Corrective Action (Recall, Withdrawal, Advisory)
  8. Certificate of Free Sale


GS1 Global Healthcare Conference Day 4 Updates

Click on the link to view her presentation:  httpss://healthcare-event.gs1.org/sites/default/files/data_for_better_care.pdf