Commport Speaks at Canadian Public Procurement Council Conference

Canadian Public Procurement Council 2017 Conference

Commport was pleased to participate in the Canadian Public Procurement Council 2017 Conference ( in Ottawa on November 6th.

Our own Eric Blanchette-Ouellet gave a presentation on the many pitfalls that await any organization – public or private – when they enter the world of innovation in procurement. The presentation, titled “How to fail”, brought together five of the worst habits that are prone to plague a project from the start. After each habit was demonstrated through examples, a “failing at failing” section introduced tools, theories, and quick wins that would allow an organization to shield its project from doom! These were presented as hints and explained briefly, but each could also have been the topic of its own 45-minute demonstration.

Over 80 attendees took notes, and almost skipped lunch (Eric sure likes to talk!) to get the most out of the presentation. The attendees came from all public sectors in Canada, including a few visitors from the United States.

Commport is proud to support public organizations across Canada and recognizes the many challenges that procurement professionals face on a daily basis. Our solutions can be implemented in a transparent, hassle-free manner and our customer service team will accompany you at every step.

If you or your organization would like to see how good data management, smart KPIs, well-documented and informed decision-making tools and processes, and readiness assessment surveys can help make YOUR project a success, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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