Advancing Healthcare in Ontario

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Advancing Healthcare in Ontario,

Within hours of receiving the Expert Panel Report, Commport made a public statement of support for the proposals put forward. >> Read it here!

Commport did make a presentation to the Expert Panel as part of their complete market-wide interview process, and the suggestions we presented were well received by the Panel.

The Report recommendations closely follow those that Commport has made directly to you as a valued customer in the Healthcare market. Primarily, they revolve around the need to employ more retail-styled approaches to the Supply Chain, specifically, the need to eliminate paper and use EDI for 100% of purchasing activity.

EDI significantly reduces costs and, just as importantly, provides detailed data which can be used in enlightening Business Analytics.

Commport is a growing Ontario-based company and a key contributor to the province's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) cluster. Commport was started in 1985 by Dave Ralph and currently supports over 50 direct jobs in Aurora. Today the company is partnered with 75 Ontario hospitals, other sub-national North American governments, crown corporations, large and small retailers, and thousands of their suppliers

Let’s work together to prepare for the New Model of Optimized Healthcare Supply Chains.

  • Click the link below to download the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care's Panel submitted report

Advancing Healthcare in Ontario: Optimizing the Healthcare Supply Chain - A New Model


Author: Deanna Fiedler

Marketing Coordinator | Commport