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We Can’t Thank You Enough

Customer Satisfaction Survey

As a customer centric service organization, Commport is always looking for ways to better connect with our customers and to ensure that the services we provide are satisfying their needs and expectations. One important tool that we use to help support these initiatives is our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey which ran from July 1st to September 30th 2015.

Commport’s customer satisfaction survey is conducted using an industry standard platform as a part of the Microsoft Partner Program and is delivered by the third party marketing firm TNS. As a research agency, TNS is a neutral party with tremendous experience in market research and customer engagement.  Customers are provided with a survey link, sent from TNS and all responses are gathered and consolidated by TNS and then are made available to Commport for review and analysis.

Because of the importance of initiative, Commport likes to reward our customers for taking the time out of their busy schedule.  One respondent has been selected by random draw to win a $500 Apple Gift card.

The winner of this year’s respondent prize is:  Shyna John

The survey results have been aggregated and delivered and are now being analyzed by Commport.  From a high level our customers report that Commport provides high quality services to them with more than 91% indicating that they are satisfied with the services that they receive.  Commport won’t stop there… There’s always room for improvement!

Some customers took the time to add some free form comments to their survey responses and we sincerely thank you for taking this extra effort.  These comments range from specific product feedback to process comments and we also received a number of compliments regarding the staff at Commport.  Any comments that represent an opportunity for improvement will be reviewed and worked into our Action Plans road map which helps guide the Commport organization as a whole.

THANK YOU to all customers that participated in the 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey.  If you missed this year’s survey, please be sure to keep your eyes open for communications from Commport regarding the 2016 customer satisfaction survey.

Author: Alison Bartlet

Alison Bartlet is a passionate B2B business observer, communicator and trainer with close to 20 years of experience at Commport and is a go-to expert in data operations, business processing and product development. Alison has been an integral part of the Commport team having leant her expertise to just about every area of the Commport business during her tenure; from Corporate Administration to Customer Service, Implementation, Product Development and Marketing and Sales in support of all of Commport’s products and services. Outside of the office Alison enjoys an active life playing women’s hockey, hiking with her dogs, practicing yoga and scuba diving with sharks. Ok, that last one only happened once (but was still pretty awesome!). Visit the Commport blog for more of her thoughts on hot topics in business, B2B, eCommerce, EDI and data synchronization!