Provinces Support the GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network)

New Resources for MEDEC Members from Commport Communications

GDSN 101

Message from MEDEC Allied Business Member Commport Communications regarding free resources they’re offering for MEDEC Members:

Provincial health authorities are supporting the GSDN as an authorized global product content solution for their suppliers to use to publish their product content to them. Some provinces have not yet declared their support for the GDSN but additional announcements are expected.

The GDSN is a GS1 Global, standards-based network of 31 certified data pools. Suppliers use a GDSN product file built for their industry to load all their product content into their GDSN source data pool and then deliver standardized, validated, totally accurate content to their trading partners. The GDSN employs a data synchronization model that keeps both the supplier and their trading partners on the same page by publishing changes and new item / deletion information to them within 24 hours of the changes being made by the supplier in their GDSN catalogue.

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Author: Deanna Fiedler

Marketing Coordinator | Commport