Healthcare Providers across Canada focus all available budget to improving patient care, and rightly so – not just because it’s a ‘hot’ topic but because patient care is every providers mission.  However, ignoring your supply chain often means massive inefficiencies develop over time, and most healthcare providers throughout Canada are not taking advantage of modern technologies that will transform their supply chain and eliminate a waste of $500 million a year in Ontario alone[1].

The Healthcare Sector Supply Chain Strategy Expert Panel 2017 Report addresses this waste, and makes recommendations for data integration, analytics and product traceability.

Commport has solutions to address these recommendations within your supply chain and save you millions – so your supply chain gets sexy – and you can refocus those savings to invest in patient care. 




[1] (Healthcare Sector Supply Chain Strategy Expert Panel May 2017)”Advancing Healthcare in Ontario: Optimizing the Healthcare Supply Chain – A New Model.”