British Columbia Clinical and Support Services Society (BCCSS) Launch Sets BC to become Leader in Digital Supply Chain in Healthcare

On April 1st, 2016 BCCSS was launched by the BC Ministry of Health to better manage inventoried items for the Health Authorities across all of British Columbia.

As the entire Canadian Healthcare community moves aggressively towards a completely digital supply chain based upon 100% EDI transaction activity, supported by the use of the GDSN for clean, accurate and timely data, BCCSS has become the defacto leader.

Working closely with Commport, and more particularly with Commport’s Community Enablement team, BCCSS has set the lofty but achievable goal of 100% vendor compliance with EDI supported by Item Master data from the GDSN as provided by Commport to eliminate costly resource allocation toward paper based activities.

When orders are released “clean”, meaning no errors in data content, the entire Procure-to-Pay cycle can be handled electronically. For BC this will mean eliminating the manual handling and reconciliation of 1.2 million invoices annually, and a significant reduction in costs.