CommCARE Location

Using GS1 GLNs for Safety

Global Location Numbers (GLN) were developed within the GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) as a way to provide trading partners with a unique easily managed identifier for locations of commercial activity.

GLNs can be generated by any entity free of charge once they have acquired their “Company Prefix” from their local GS1 Member Organization (MO), which encourages trading partner to provide such an identifier for every location where product custody may change.

GLNs are being adopted by the global Healthcare community as a means of defining accurately which facility, hospital or warehouse, and then further which operating theatre and nursing station, patient room or storage position the goods are being shipped or consigned to.

Similarly, vendors are asked to provide GLNs for their facility, manufacturing site, warehouse and so on.   The use of GLNs has been shown to improve Patient safety through improved ‘track and trace’ capabilities and accurate delivery by removing the confusion when each partner has a different identifier for a single location.

CommCARE Location

The CommCARE Location is a convenient and free registry of known locations listed by their GLN.

Healthcare Providers now have a single identifier for each location under their management rather than trying manage using a different identifier fore that location for every vendor.  This single identifier removes supply chain confusion but also allows for the creation of better, more accurate analytical data needed for their BI reviews.