David Ralph elected to the Board of Directors of GS1 Data Excellence Inc.

David Ralph, President and CEO of Commport Communications International, inc. with more than 30 year experience in the business to business ecommerce and data integration services business, has been elected to the Board of Directors of GS1 Data Excellence Inc. (formerly GS1 GDSN Inc.) effective September 8, 2016.

The GS1 Data Excellence Board is the governing body responsible for the strategic direction of key GS1 initiatives such as global product data quality and the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN).  As a GDSN Data Pool, certified in the first ever certification event in 2005, Commport has been actively driving GDSN adoption as the leading way to transform business operations.

In this role Dave will be helping to guide and develop global initiatives through continued promotion of global data synchronization as the solution to many of today’s data management challenges such as B2B supply chain management and data availability for the support of consumer use of mobile apps.  Dave’s continued advocacy for GDSN adoption is driven by Commport’s mission of solving integration challenges for the benefit of the global community, and this role provides Dave and Commport the opportunity to be at the forefront of strategic direction and development of the network.

Going into his first board meeting, Dave said, “As an entrepreneur I understand what it takes to bring big ideas to market. Participating in the GDSN as a data pool has been an exciting venture for Commport and I look forward to helping to shape the future of the network through innovation and a recognition that we are all a part of the global community and that we are all able to achieve our greatest potential when the community progresses as a whole.”

The New GDSN Major Release Provides Trading Partners Ability to Better Manage Included Attributes

In May of 2016 it is planned that GS1 Global will roll out the latest version of the GDSN communications protocol and data set by moving to the application of the major update with the acronym MR3.

The GDSN Community as a whole determined that the list of attributes associated with even the most basic of products had grown to be almost unmanageable by both data providers and data recipients. MR3 now provides for a very short list of mandatory core attributes but allows for individual trading partners to set the exact list of attributes that they will use and exchange.  As one head of a major Canadian Healthcare Provider group stated in a presentation to industry, “Why do I want to receive hundreds of attributes when I can only handle fewer than 20 in my ERP application?” MR3 now addresses this very issue.

The GDSN certified data pools around the globe have adjusted their interchange protocols in order to handle this new, very flexible but highly accurate method of ensuring that trading partners are exchanging exactly what they need and only what they need.

Commport has been MR3 ready for several months. see more on this here


Quebec’s Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) Launches GDSN Initiative

As the entire Canadian Healthcare community moves towards a completely digital supply chain, supported by the use of the GS1 GDSN for clean, accurate and timely data, Quebec joins the movement by requesting GDSN product data from vendors.

Having determined earlier that a very high percentage of purchase orders created and released by Quebec Healthcare Providers contained errors that were the result of poor quality Item Masters, and that processing these orders added significant costs to hospital ‘back offices’ the decision has been made to use the GDSN to help clean and maintain accuracy of the item masters across the province.

Commport is working very closely with the MSSS to ensure that all vendors are introduced to the GDSN program and can make their product data available for the Quebec Healthcare community.


British Columbia Clinical and Support Services Society (BCCSS) Launch Sets BC to become Leader in Digital Supply Chain in Healthcare

On April 1st, 2016 BCCSS was launched by the BC Ministry of Health to better manage inventoried items for the Health Authorities across all of British Columbia.

As the entire Canadian Healthcare community moves aggressively towards a completely digital supply chain based upon 100% EDI transaction activity, supported by the use of the GDSN for clean, accurate and timely data, BCCSS has become the defacto leader.

Working closely with Commport, and more particularly with Commport’s Community Enablement team, BCCSS has set the lofty but achievable goal of 100% vendor compliance with EDI supported by Item Master data from the GDSN as provided by Commport to eliminate costly resource allocation toward paper based activities.

When orders are released “clean”, meaning no errors in data content, the entire Procure-to-Pay cycle can be handled electronically. For BC this will mean eliminating the manual handling and reconciliation of 1.2 million invoices annually, and a significant reduction in costs.



Healthcare Supply Chain Network Conference 2016

HSCN’s National Supply Chain’s Conference and Exhibition Linking the Supply Chain Together, promises more learning opportunities than ever before with 2016’s all-new introduction of concurrent streams, designed to appeal to individual tastes within the supply chain.

The conference runs from May 9-11.The conference offers excellent opportunities for healthcare supply chain professionals and caters specifically to the Canadian market. Commport is very excited to be a part and sponsor of the the annual conference.

Come by and visit us at Booth #15

Commport has 30 years of history in the North American EDI & GDSN space and since the launch of CommCARE Health Solutions we have been powering our way through the Canadian Healthcare marketplace with the same dedication.