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Free Professional Development Day

The Commport Team has been assisting the Healthcare and many other industries in automating their procurement processes since 1985. Recent developments in Canadian Healthcare Procurement, such as procurement function regionalization and group purchasing initiative growth, have greatly reduced the price of supplies, but further reductions and improvements can be made.  The utilization of electronic commerce technologies in procurement allows for improved economies directly at the heart of the supply chain function: streamlined resources and processes.

Commport is determined to bring light to this important subject and that is why Commport is covering all costs for the day.  

Speakers from the Canadian Healthcare Community will demonstrate the many proven ways technology can benefit the healthcare supply chain.  Attendees will learn how to turn the procurement process from an expense to a strategic, cost-effective account, allowing them to redirect the valuable time and resources of clinical staff from logistics and procurement tasks to patient care and safety.

This free event will feature speakers from both the Healthcare Industry and the Healthcare Providers Community, and will be an occasion for attendees from both sectors to discuss alternative solutions to improve business relationships in ways that current contracting efforts cannot. Read More… 



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